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In plain language


You are not permitted to copy the contents or ideas in any form whatsoever from this blog to re-post, re-write, or re-use on your blog, books, e-books, or any other medium including social media and claim it as your own. If in doubt as to what is shareable, assume it is not shareable unless you have  explicit, written, signed permission of the author.


Failure to comply is punishable by law. Copyright infringement is a serious offense.



To do and not to do



Respect the author and the creations of the author

Credit the author and The Blog

Link back to The Blog, post, page, and/or author when using any of the contents

If linking is not possible, reference the site and the author by writing the URL and the name of the author

Share your thoughts

Be ethical



Copy word for word and claim as your own

Copy, reword, and claim as your own

Re-produce, re-package, or otherwise re-use contents or ideas and claim as your own

Share without credit, backlink, and/or reference



Read up


Read up on Copyright Infringement 

Read up on the Economic Impact of Copyright Infringement 





The purpose of these terms is not to impede the culture of sharing but to promote a respectful and conducive culture of creativity, originality, and credibility. I encourage you to not only do your part but encourage others to do so too. Thank you for helping shape a conducive culture of creativity, originality, and credibility.